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(#sojctqq) Seriously! is gonna get sick of me pinging him on every platform we share, thanking him, but… Well, I just love it! It’s on now, for cryin’ out loud! :-P Particularly because I spent quite a bit of time reading Hayek over the last few years and came to the conclusion that we really don’t share much of a worldview… How wrong I was!

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(#sojctqq) Agreed,! :-)

I mean, part of that is being a small community of higher than average intelligence, of course… lol! ;-)

But I think you deserve lots of credit for building software that has time to reflect built in; I honestly think that’s hugely important, and I’m glad that we’ve preserved it through this rebranding / enhancing.

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(#sojctqq) Yes, exactly. I mean, we were probably always this judgmental; but now we all have a platform to trumpet it from, solicited or otherwise! pointed me to this wonderful quote from Hayek that’s particularly relevant here too, I feel:

[On true, and false, individualism, one] might even say that the former is a product of an acute consciousness of the limitations of the individual mind which induces an attitude of humility toward the impersonal and anonymous social processes by which individuals help to create things greater than they know, while the latter is the product of an exaggerated belief in the powers of individual reason and of a consequent contempt for anything which has not been consciously designed by it or is not fully intelligible to it.

From Individualism and Economic Order, circa 1948. I wonder what he’d make of the Internet. :-P

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From a chat on Matrix, where it seems it was one of my more coherent moments: 🤪

… Why can’t they just be individuals? Individuals with their own individual beliefs and their own individual reasons for having those beliefs…

And so just default to a stance of respect and courtesy. The fact is, most of your interactions with others will be very limited; approaching those encounters from a place of respect for the complexities of the human mind and an individual’s experiences and traumas costs you very little, typically.

To be human is to generalise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push back against those tendencies.

Well, in the context of chat, it would be something like you’ve just done: don’t put words in my mouth, based on my avatar, nick, grammar, etc., and instead ask me to elaborate on points of potential confusion.

And don’t bring agendas to everything. Default to assuming that this is likely an interaction of hours, and people don’t change based on that, typically.

You’ll probably get more from interactions that you’re open to, but, be honest with yourself: if you aren’t up to that, because it isn’t easy, then just default to respect and courtesy, which isn’t difficult, and costs you little. And then excuse yourself, if they’re proper jerks. ;-)

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(#ztwih5a) A few comments:

1) I’m fairly new to devops, never mind k8s, :-P but I found HashiCorp’s blog post A Kubernetes User’s Guide to Nomad really helped me get my head around where the ‘nail’ for the k8s ‘hammer’ is and isn’t. (A similar page on the Nomad site generated a 500+ point discussion on Hacker News, btw, so I’ll link to that too.)

2) It’s actually HashiConf this week, and, honestly, you’d swear they made k8s for the number of times it’s come up in the keynote alone! It’s very clear they’re changing course on their new product from last year, Waypoint, to ease the lives of k8s users. Your devs know it really well, but, I don’t know, if you’re planning on bringing on new devs at any point, something like this, that abstracts away a lot of the deployment architecture – that, in my opinion ;-P devs should care less about – and, importantly, from a sysadmin’s perspective, means they’ll be less likely to break k8s and all its bits that they currently ‘mess with,’ might be a good thing.

I don’t know; all devs probably roughly fall into two camps: those that love the idea of waypoint up to deploy, so they can get back to coding, and those who absolutely hate it and want complete control over the whole process, for every architecture they could be called to support at 2am. :-P

 (2 days ago) (#keaucja) Fair enough.

I’ve enjoyed her books, and a live talk too, but I don’t think she, nor DiManno, are on the winning side here, taking a longer view.

I read the article, and found it inflammatory, especially in its opening; lazily so. I also found its evidence to be a bit too anecdotal for my taste.

The fact is that we don’t actually know what portion of the population she (unnecessarily cruelly, in my view) dismissed, in a world where people are truly free to choose how they want to live. Norms are the very definition of insidious.

But things are changing. I’m sure they are changing for men too. I, for one, would like to see a world free from dysphoria around gender and sex. It will come. Soon, I hope.

 (3 days ago) (#b7einla) Cool. Yeah, first I’d heard of them, but you’ve piqued my interest. Very reasonably priced, with just $12 for shipping to the UK too!

I didn’t know that about the 3 series, – I bought the official adapter for both of mine. Interesting.

I’m rebuilding my Pleroma instance now, after which, I too am hoping my use case will again be in the 3B+ sweet spot; ditching the floods of fediverse with the old domain. 🤞

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👶 Would you trust a sperm donor from social media?

Bit of a clickbait leader, but the excerpts from the ‘bookface as Ford’ bit caught my interest. I need to read the piece still, but it feels like, those excerpts, at least, don’t really address how the world has moved on from last century: I don’t know that we’ll ever return to that level of government regulation (in the west).

I used to say that with lament; I just say it now.

 (4 days ago) (#uhj2tiq) Tandem bicycling for the visually impaired. This was a chance for our new volunteers to practice with our tandems.

I helped found it back in 2016, but have stepped back a bit in recent years. I’m building them a new website, though:

Need to blog about the day now and link to the video.