In-reply-to » Spent the last few days debugging network issues at work. IIRC, we gave Juniper a try a while back. 🤔 Something wasn’t right, but I don’t remember anymore what it was (probably the API not being available or not good enough?). 🫤 But this was 5 years ago or more, maybe it has changed …

I hope we can stay with MikroTik for a while. Changing switches is not that much fun. 😂

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Votes haven’t been fully counted yet but I think we’ve successfully kicked out / fired the (corrupt as fuck) Liberals in Australia finally! 😆

In-reply-to » reflection: Stupid Moore’s and Koomey’s laws. It’s incredible to me how we have exponentially more computing power, only by waiting.

Also, it’s being invisible to us. We have a lot of magical systems (GPS, WiFi, Cryptography, Cell phones) and now we don’t value that much what’s happening behind the scenes.

For me it’s a matter of adapting to the current reality, and fighting against my nostalgia (everything was better before), but at the same time slowing down the stupid speed of innovation.


there was a time in my life where i was obsessed with high-density/high-performance computing. having command of hyperscalar clusters and workstations that could scorch the earth was a deeply embedded part of my work and research years ago.

over the years i realised that i didn’t require access to these sort of things to conduct research and work. in fact it became quite the antithesis to my philosophical belief system. in the past my work focused on space-time complexity and performance measured in sub-ms. when i look back at how much energy was consumed to experiment, my head falls low.

in addition, by becoming dependent on this tier of machinery i created multiple fail points in my toolchain since we designed systems that had an inherent requirement for massive power and scale.

in the end, it felt like having a raptor system to open chrome.

these days i’m quite pleased with my thin/low-power thinkpad i procured for nearly nothing. funny how things work out as you grow older