In-reply-to » I'm weeding out my old school stuff. What a giant paper mess.

A few hours later I got rid of 27 cm double-sided printed or written DIN A4 paper and have a 10 cm stack of scratch paper for the rest of my life. To be continued.


In-reply-to » @prologic what Content-Security-Policy should I have on my web server for salty? the frontend ain't reacting well to my global config lol

oh wow.. no clue. maybe a config issue where its loading the webassm from a different domain? https vs http even?

In-reply-to » @mills did you ever get your own search engine going? 🤔 I see 🤔 Unfortunately I haven’t taken Spyda much further than a weekend project I’m afraid 😢 I threw it together on a whim, the indexer is “okay” for mostly simple websites (without Javascript), there is no re-crawl logic to speak of, and the display results could be improved. I’m not sure if I’ll find time/motification to do much more with it unless I get some interest and maybe some help 🤗