In-reply-to » Good hint: > Don’t write fragile programs. The core logic for this example is relatively short. Of the 22 lines inside the for loop, 6 of them implement the actual algorithm and the other 16 are error checking and data validation. You might be tempted to not validate incoming data or check errors, but doing so produces unstable, unmaintainable code. Error handling is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. I agree, error handling often takes up much more than the happy path. My first work mate hammered that into me right at the beginning of my work life. Even if you don’t think that something can fail, chances are it still might. So always be safe than sorry. This attitude quickly proofed to be correct. Sure enough, I ran into – and luckily handled – errors that were initially thought to be impossible. I’m very grateful for these valuable lessons.

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@novaburst How I deal with that? I have a large lightning protector tree in front of the house! Just need to hope that it doesn’t crash into the roof once it gets a strike.

Other than that I don’t have a good strategy either. Since I don’t use 2FA and have some hard passwords memorized, I might be able to recover some data/accounts, but definitely not all. Have to come up with a suitable battle plan in the future.

In-reply-to » Yet another golden sunset from yesterday: Bloody gorgeous, mate! \o/ Super great shots, I have to say. :-) Somehow your URLs for the small and large versions completely differ. Is that on purpose? Also, an important hint for others: I just found out by accident that the directory listing will show more pictures. Totally worth to manually go up (or use your browser’s shortcut support, if possible).

Today, I decided to take some photos again on my way in the woods. Couldn’t be bothered the last two days. It was too humid and I leaked like crazy. Surprisingly, I went outside, though.

Image Hi, thanks for the hint, but I cannot get the stuff working with the template.HTML thing. I was also looking for an example, but converting markdown to HTML and then use it in a struct to be rendered by a template seems to be impossible to me.

Hutchinson testimony: honestly, thinking about it in a bigger context, “ketchup dripping down the wall” sounds about right for the decline of the American project