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@fastidious I have somewhat of a problem with it BECAUSE it is a paper or a stupid and broken phone app - both of those things are unreliable. A paper gets wet and turns into mush and an app stops working when you need it the most or once you run out of the battery.

We live in the 21th century, so don’t tell me we don’t have the technology to link the certificate to the ID card, or another thing we already carry and give the people checking them some device that can check that.


@fastidious I just wish the government, Australia especially, does some god damn better work at security implementations. To login to our govt. services require a password (or digital identity… yuck) and an OTP is sent via SMS! Don’t want SMS? Here download our own implementation of TOTP codes app… 🤯


@fastidious I get that, but here the government already stores all those certificates in a separate database, so they have all that info already, just prefer us carrying another damn thing around.

In Sweden some company suggested a microchip implant to solve this problem, which was the point where I lost it, as we are now coming up with the stupidest of solutions, to the simplest of problems.

If the database is also a problem for people, just make ID cards with chips in them and store it on there - locally.

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