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In-reply-to > @ullarah I'm running PR #572 on my pod now and so far things are looking really nice, clean, consistent and quite pleasant. But I'll not merge yet until @fastidious has had a change to pull that PR down and do some testing himself 👌 He's a better tester than I, more attention to detail 🤗

From IRC:

  1. The font for the items on the hamburger menu (mobile) is too big (shows 20px on the inspector).
  2. Icons do not that what the say they do. Clicking on edit does not edits, clicking on fork does not forks, clicking on reply does not replies.
  3. Icons on twt commands (reply, delete, etc.) for mobile, and icons—and labels—for desktop are also too big.



  1. I’m not quite sure what you’re seeing. It looks fine on an iPhone 11, Samsung S20, and also desktop and inspector view.

  2. Something weird is going on with that. I have a feeling I know why it’s doing that. Won’t be able to look at it for a few hours.

  3. Again, too big? I’m not quite sure what you’re seeing. Attach a screenshot?


@prologic @fastidious want to know something silly? The icons were not working properly due to the fact that the TEXT not the ICONS had custom data attributes.

Once they were added to the icons the mobile view is more responsive.

I even lowered the size of the mobile nav options.

Let me know what you think. It’s still under the PR 572.

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