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In-reply-to > @movq E.g. Die Prinzen have a few great songs, but also a ton of really boring and even terrible shit (can't be more specific, because I removed most of it). @fastidious @ullarah I want to own my music on my devices and want to be able to listen offline, too. So all this cloud stuff is nothing for me.

@ullarah Thanks mate! No need for me to switch the process of listening to music, though. Not sure why I would want to use my browser for that. In fact I try to do the exact opposite and try to avoid using it, if possible. ;-) I used xmms2 for quite some time back in the days, not sure why I finally ditched that, but that server/client setup might be a good solution to try again. There was a very good variety of clients available, I think I even tried to write my own at one point in time.

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