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@eaplmx@twtxt.net The old classic iPods are great. They’re repairable, modifiable, and they sound great too. Not at all like modern Apple devices. You can replace the spinning hard drive with flash storage, with capacities up to 2 TB on a 7th gen.

They can even run a free operating system, allowing you to drag and drop music files onto the iPod (without iTunes) and play many different file formats. I use a 5th gen myself.

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@mckinley@twtxt.net I always wanted to have an iPod with a Click wheel.
Sadly I only could use the iPod Shuffle, a few iPod nanos and an iPod Touch. In fact it would be a great to project to upgrade a Classic with that flash memory.

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@eaplmx@twtxt.net The 5th gen is much easier to work on than the 6th and 7th gen iPods. With those newer units, it’s almost impossible to avoid ruining the back plate when opening it up. For those, you’ll want to have a spare back plate before you start.

@xuu@txt.sour.is Only the 1st gen iPod had the scroll wheel. The 2nd and 3rd gen had a touch-sensitive wheel with separate buttons. The clickwheel (touch-sensitive wheel with integrated buttons) was introduced for the Mini and was used in all the main line iPods from the 4th generation on.

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