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Swarmprom - Prometheus Monitoring for Docker Swarm

And this little gem of an article has helped me build a custom node-exporter Docker image where I can now correctly show the hostnames of my Docker nodes in Grafana graphs using expressions like:

sum((node_memory_MemAvailable_bytes{job="docker_nodes"} / node_memory_MemTotal_bytes{job="docker_nodes"} * 100) * on(instance) group_left(node_id, node_name) node_meta) by (node_id, node_name)


#ai4svoa (#uukmcyq) oh geez a lot of these top common vulnerabilities and security flaws in software are to do with improper input validation and many common bugs that plague many C developers.

this has little to do with any particular operating system I don’t even think that obscure operating systems like FreeBSD are free from these programming errors!


@jlj (#oeax64a) There is replication ☺️ Thia very conversation for example is being replicated across our pods because we follow each other 👌

Redundancy though? 🤔 That’s tough, not sure what specific problem we’d be solving?