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It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve become that guy: the guy who rents a car with a fancy touchscreen center console and immediately goes to the “About” page in the console settings to look at the open source licenses.

The problem I have with the vast majority of social movements, left or right, is that they often lead to projection instead of introspection. Instead of person A trying to decide how person B can treat person C better, person A should try to decide how person A can treat person C better.

Summing the first n odd positive integers yields n^2. For twisty puzzle enthusiasts, an interesting consequence of this is that a Pyraminx has the same number of stickers per face as a Rubik’s Cube, a Master Pyraminx has the same number of stickers per face as a Rubik’s Master Cube, and so on.

The only thing I’ll say about Roe v. Wade is this. Overturning the decision does not make abortions illegal, it establishes that the legality of abortions is not within the purview of the Federal government–a stance that also blocks Republicans from enacting a federal-level abortion ban.

I was hoping to relax with some friends at a bar tonight, only to find that bars are even less my scene than they were seven years ago. Lesson learned.

I don’t use social media anymore, mostly for privacy reasons, but one of the things I miss about it is being able to interact directly with creators I enjoy.