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DevOps: Why it is misunderstood & what it always should have been
Guest post originally published on the Elastisys blog by the Elastisys team DevOps is a cultural movement that has brought a lot of much-needed agility to software development. But it is also… ⌘ Read more

Implementing chaos engineering in K8s: chaos mesh principle analysis and control plane development
Guest post originally published on PingCAP‘s blog by Mayo Cream Chaos Mesh is an open-source, cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform built on Kubernetes (K8s) custom resource definitions (CRDs). Chaos Mesh can simulate various types… ⌘ Read more

Kubernetes: A cost challenge waiting to happen
Guest post originally published on Finout’s blog by Roi Ravhon, CEO and co-founder of Finout Containers are the uprising technology of the last decade with their flexible scalability and portability. According to a… ⌘ Read more

LitmusChaos becomes a CNCF incubating project
LitmusChaos is an open source chaos engineering platform that enables teams to identify weaknesses and potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos tests in a controlled way. Chaos engineering verifies the resilience… ⌘ Read more

Join the CNCF Cloud Native Glossary
How to contribute to open source without having to code! Community post by Catherine Paganini, Cloud Native Glossary Maintainer The CNCF Cloud Native Glossary was officially launched at KubeCon NA 2021 with… ⌘ Read more

Kubernetes Community Days China Beijing and Shanghai wrap up
Guest post by the Kubernetes Community Days China Beijing and Shanghai organizers Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) was initiated by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is jointly organized by local CNCF ambassadors,… ⌘ Read more

Celebrating five successful years of CNCF internships through GSoC, GSoD, LFX, and Outreachy
Staff post by Ihor Dvoretskyi As we bring 2021 to a close, we look back at an incredibly full and rewarding experience with the CNCF internship programs through Google Summer of Code… ⌘ Read more

Top GitOps Tactics to Build Secure Cloud-Native Infrastructure
Guest post originally published on Magalix’s blog by Andrew Zola GitOps adoption is on the rise, driven by enterprise migration to the cloud. We can attribute its growing popularity to its efficiency… ⌘ Read more

Building a fault-tolerant application stack on top of a dynamic foundation
Guest post by Mark Swarbrick, Head of Infrastructure at Bink Powering digital loyalty transactions of some of the biggest banks in the UK with Linkerd  Bink, a fintech company based in the… ⌘ Read more

Top 4 cloud native trends in 2022 shaping the future of business
Guest post originally published on Mia-Platform’s blog by Mia-Platform Team In this current moment of market change and digital business transformation, the trends in the cloud-native world confirm the interest of companies… ⌘ Read more