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Air Cargo Is Suddenly Affordable Relative To Ocean Shipping
AskWaves explains how the gap between air and ocean freight transport has narrowed during the pandemic. From the report: The air rate from China to the U.S. West Coast during the first week of November was about $14 per kilogram, double what it was a year ago, according to the Freightos Air Index. Shipping by air to the East Coast cost about $13, also twi … ⌘ Read more


High Severity BIOS Flaws Affect Numerous Intel Processors
Intel has disclosed two high-severity vulnerabilities that affect a wide range of Intel processor families, allowing threat actors and malware to gain higher privilege levels on the device. BleepingComputer reports: The flaws were discovered by SentinelOne and are tracked as CVE-2021-0157 and CVE-2021-0158, and both have a CVSS v3 score of 8.2 (high). The form … ⌘ Read more


DDR4 Memory Protections Are Broken Wide Open By New Rowhammer Technique
“An unprivileged application can corrupt data in memory by accessing ‘hammering’ rows of DDR4 memory in certain patterns millions of times a second, giving those untrusted applications nearly unfettered system privileges,” writes long-time Slashdot reader shoor. Ars Technica reports: Rowhammer attacks work by accessing – or h … ⌘ Read more


Nigeria’s E-Naira Lures About Half a Million People Weeks After Its Launch
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Nigerian central bank’s digital currency has lured about half a million users three weeks after it was introduced in a move to entice people away from crypto currencies. Adoption rate for the Central Bank of Nigeria digital currency called eNaira “has been excellent,” according t … ⌘ Read more


NYC Passes Bill Requiring ‘Bias Audits’ of AI Hiring Tech
A year since it was introduced, New York City Council passed a bill earlier this week requiring companies that sell AI technologies for hiring to obtain audits assessing the potential of those products to discriminate against job candidates. The bill requiring “bias audits” passed with overwhelming support in a 38-4 vote. Protocol reports: The bill is intended to we … ⌘ Read more


Microsoft Adds 76 More Games To the Xbox Backward Compatibility Program
During the Xbox 20th anniversary event today, Microsoft announced it’ll be adding a total of 76 games to the Xbox backward compatibility program. The company also said “Halo Infinite,” the latest edition of the best-selling Xbox alien-shooter game, will be available starting today for multiplayer gaming. Engadget reports: Every t … ⌘ Read more


Russia May Have Just Shot Down Its Own Satellite, Creating a Huge Debris Cloud
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The seven astronauts and cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station sheltered inside their respective spacecraft, a Crew Dragon and Soyuz, on Monday morning as the orbiting laboratory passed through an unexpected debris field. This was not a pre-planned … ⌘ Read more


A Plan To Perfect the New York City Street
An “achievable, replicable” plan for a city that’s embracing public space as never before. Curbed: New York and Curbed recruited a team of designers and consultants, led by the architecture firm WXY, to approach the streets as a matrix of overlapping, interrelated networks. The allure of more humane cities has generated an entire library’s worth of plans and pilot projects, both top-down … ⌘ Read more


Peloton Sues Rivals Over Alleged Patent Infringement Related To On-demand Classes
Peloton has filed fresh lawsuits against two of its rivals, iFit and Echelon. From a report: It alleges that the companies are violating up to four patents it holds related to on-demand classes, one of which it only obtained last week, as Bloomberg Law notes. Peloton is seeking a court order to block sales of th … ⌘ Read more


Microsoft Surprises Gamers With ‘Halo Infinite’ Multiplayer Launch
Microsoft said “Halo Infinite,” the latest edition of the best-selling Xbox alien-shooter game, will be available starting Nov. 15 for multiplayer gaming. From a report: The company, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the original Xbox console and the first Halo game, said the first season of the game’s multiplayer mode will b … ⌘ Read more


Crypto Nerds Are Trying To Buy the US Constitution
The following sentence may sound like the logline for an as-yet unmade National Treasure 3, but it’s very much real: A large group of crypto maximalists is banding together in an effort to obtain the actual U.S. Constitution. From a report: Unlike the antagonists in the previous Nicolas Cage movies, this crew might actually succeed. Or kind of, anyway. On Thursday, Novemb … ⌘ Read more


Portugal Proposed Law Tries To Sneak in Biometric Mass Surveillance
Whilst the European Parliament has been fighting bravely for the rights of everyone in the EU to exist freely and with dignity in publicly accessible spaces, the government of Portugal is attempting to push their country in the opposite direction: one of digital authoritarianism. From a report: The Portuguese lead organisation in the Reclai … ⌘ Read more


Ohio’s Largest Public Pension Sues Facebook, Saying the Media Giant Misled Investors
Ohio’s largest public pension system filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, alleging that the social media giant misled investors and breached the public’s trust. From a report: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, which manages $125 billion on behalf of 1.1 million Ohioans, says it purchased Fa … ⌘ Read more


Roblox, Building Out the Metaverse, Looks To Bring Educational Videogames To Schools
Roblox plans to help bring educational videogames to classrooms world-wide, part of its strategy to expand its mostly teen and preteen user base and play a role in the next evolution of the internet known as the metaverse. From a report: Roblox, based in San Mateo, Calif., is expected to announce Monday tha … ⌘ Read more


Huawei Recruits Smartphone Partners To Sidestep US Sanctions
Huawei, whose smartphone business has been devastated by U.S. sanctions, is planning to license its handset designs to third parties as a way to gain access to critical components, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people with knowledge of the matter. From the report: The Shenzhen-based tech giant is considering licensing its designs to a unit of state-ow … ⌘ Read more


HPE Says Aruba Customer Data Compromised After Data Breach
HPE has confirmed that a “limited subset” of customer data was taken in a data breach involving its subsidiary Aruba Networks, a maker of networking equipment. From a report: The enterprise technology giant said in a statement that an unauthorized person used a private key to gain access to customer data stored in its Aruba Central cloud. HPE did not say how … ⌘ Read more


Heavy Rains and Storms in Egypt’s Aswan Unleash Scorpions in People’s Homes
Heavy rain and flooding in Aswan, Egypt, have driven drifts of scorpions to seek shelter in people’s homes. From a report: Three people died and more than 400 were hospitalised across the governorate to receive anti-venom treatment after being stung by the panicking arachnids, according to state-run media. However, acting He … ⌘ Read more


Apple is Sticking Taxpayers With Part of the Bill for Rollout of Tech Giant’s Digital ID Card
Apple is making U.S. states foot part of the bill and provide customer support for its plan to turn iPhones into digital identification cards, according to confidential documents obtained by CNBC. From the report: The company requires states to maintain the systems needed to issue and se … ⌘ Read more


The Chip That Changed the World
The world changed on Nov. 15, 1971, and hardly anyone noticed. It is the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Intel 4004 microprocessor, a computer carved onto silicon, an element as plentiful on earth as sand on a beach. Microprocessors unchained computers from air-conditioned rooms and freed computing power to go wherever it is needed most. Life has improved exponentially since. From a report: Back then, IBM ma … ⌘ Read more


NVIDIA’s Cloud Gaming Service Quietly Capped Frame Rates on 12 Games
Nvidia’s “GeForce Now” cloud gaming service has been quietly capping the frame rates for a handful of 12 specific games on certain tiers “to ensure consistent performance,” reports the Verge.

“Nvidia says the vast majority of games run at 60fps, but not these 12.”

Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service just leapfrogged Goog … ⌘ Read more


Report: NVIDIA’s ARM Takeover Faces Second Antitrust/National Security Inquiry
The UK’s digital and cultural secretary will instruct the country’s Competition & Markets Authority to conduct “an in-depth inquiry into antitrust concerns” over NVIDIA’s purchase of ARM, reports the Sunday Times, “as well as scrutinise national security fears raised by the takeover….”

Engadget reports:

… ⌘ Read more


Hydrogen and Hybrids: Toyota CEO Defends Combustion Engines, Saying ‘The Enemy Is Carbon’
This weekend Toyota’s president drove a specially-equipped Corolla powered by an in-house hydrogen engine, reports Bloomberg. “Along with Mazda Motor Corp., Toyota showcased vehicles running on carbon-neutral propellants in a three-hour road race this weekend in Okayama.”

Toyota’s hydrogen … ⌘ Read more


Neal Stephenson Discusses His New Climate Change Thriller - and Coining the Word ‘Metaverse’
Tonight CNBC interviewed science fiction luminary Neal Stephenson about his new “geoengineering climate change thriller” — and about his coining of the original term “metaverse.”

Author Neal Stephenson shot to fame almost 30 years ago with the science-fiction novel “Snow Crash,” which … ⌘ Read more


IBM Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough
Axios reports:
IBM has created a quantum processor able to process information so complex the work can’t be done or simulated on a traditional computer, CEO Arvind Krishna told “Axios on HBO” ahead of a planned announcement.

Why it matters: Quantum computing could help address problems that are too challenging for even today’s most powerful supercomputers, such as figuring out how to mak … ⌘ Read more


Glitchy GTA Re-Release Still Unplayable on PC, Said to Contain Infamous ‘Hot Coffee’ Mini-Game
Kotaku reports:
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition was released on November 11 on all major platforms including the Switch. However, for folks who bought the game on PC, they’ve been unable to play the game since just shortly after it was released. Now three days lat … ⌘ Read more


Will Cryptocurrency Face a Quantum Computing Problem?
“If current progress continues, quantum computers will be able to crack public key cryptography,” writes CNET, “potentially creating a serious threat to the crypto world, where some currencies are valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.”

If encryption is broken, attackers can impersonate the legitimate owners of cryptocurrency, NFTs or other such digital asse … ⌘ Read more


Increasingly Popular Ghost Guns Fuel an ‘Epidemic of Violence’, says NYT
Untraceable “ghost guns” assembled from parts bought online “can be ordered by gang members, felons and even children,” writes the New York Times.

They call the guns “increasingly the lethal weapon of easy access around the U.S., but especially California,” based on interviews with law enforcement officials in Los Angeles, Oakl … ⌘ Read more


Have Scientists Disproven Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claim?
Slashdot reader AltMachine writes: In October 2019, Google said its Sycamore processor was the first to achieve quantum supremacy by completing a task in three minutes and 20 seconds that would have taken the best classical supercomputer, IBM’s Summit, 10,000 years. That claim — particularly how Google scientists arrived at the “10,000 years” conclus … ⌘ Read more


France Expands Open Source Use, Seeking Interoperability, ‘Digital Sovereignty’, and ‘Democratic Confidence’
Euractive reports:
The French government’s roadmap for developing open source to make it a vector of digital sovereignty and a guarantee of “democratic confidence” was presented by Public Transformation and Civil Service Minister Amélie de Montchalin on Wednesda … ⌘ Read more


Id Software Tries To Stop A Man From Naming His Band ‘Doomscroll’
Amazon employee Dustin Mitchell is also a metal guitarist in Texas who decided to name his band “Doomscroll,” reports Kotaku — and in February Mitchell tried trademarking Doomscroll with America’s Patent and Trademark Office.

But then on October 13th, the last day of the trademark’s 30-day public comment period, “he got an email from a l … ⌘ Read more


Can We Use Big Batteries to Power Our Trains?
Research studying the possibility of electrifying rail-based freight “finds that the technology is pretty much ready,” reports Ars Technica, “and under the right circumstances, the economics are on the verge of working out.”

It helps that the price of batteries have dropped 87% over the last decade:

In the U.S., the typical freight car travels an average of 241 kilomet … ⌘ Read more


The US Department of Homeland Security Urges ‘Digital Literacy’
In the war against misinformation and social media-inspired violence, ultimately the social media platforms are just one front. But what about the people consuming misinformation? In June America’s National Security Council unveiled a “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,” which argued that “pursuing the goal of preventing, disrupti … ⌘ Read more


Cerebras Systems’ WSE-2 Chip: 2.6 Trillion Transistors + 850,000 Cores = ‘the Fastest AI Processor on Earth’
SiliconANGLE reports on why investors poured another $250 million into Cerebras Systems Inc:

Enterprises typically use graphics processing units in their AI projects. The fastest GPU on the market today features about 54 billion transistors. Cerebras Syste … ⌘ Read more


Singapore Will Stop Covering the Medical Bills of Unvaccinated COVID-19 Patients
“Singapore’s government has been covering the medical bills of COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic,” reports NPR. “But it says unvaccinated people will soon be on their own.”

Those who are “unvaccinated by choice” will have to start paying for their own COVID-19 treatment starting December 8, the Minist … ⌘ Read more


Could Electric Cars Save the Coal Industry?
North Dakota has just 266 electric cars, the fewest of any state in America, reports the Washington Post. But the state’s biggest booster for electric cars may be: the coal industry:

The thinking is straightforward: More electric cars would mean more of a market for the [lower carbon] lignite coal that produces most of North Dakota’s electricity, and if a long-shot project to s … ⌘ Read more


FBI Website Exploit Leads To Spam-Blast ‘From’
Long-time Slashdot reader davidwr brings news of “an exploit in the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal web site that would let anyone send an email to any arbitrary recipient…”

Security researcher Brian Krebs reports:
Late in the evening of November 12 ET, tens of thousands of emails began flooding out from the FBI address, warning about … ⌘ Read more


How Should Facebook Be Fixed?
The technology site Recode interviewed 12 “leading thinkers and leaders on Facebook today,” including the Senator pushing tech-industry updates for U.S. antitrust law, an early researcher on viral misinformation, and a now-critical former Facebook executive. “[M]ost believe that Facebook can be fixed, or at least that some of its issues are possible to improve…”

Their ideas are wide-ranging, with some more … ⌘ Read more


US Government Discourages Intel’s Plans to Ease Chip Shortage By Expanding in China
“Intel’s plan to ease the ongoing chip shortage by increasing production in China has reportedly been opposed by the Biden administration,” writes PC Magazine, “over concerns about the potential security impact.”
Bloomberg reports that Intel wanted to manufacture silicon wafers in a factory located in Cheng … ⌘ Read more


Penpot, the Vector Design Web-app Taking On Figma and Canva With FOSS, Hits Beta
“It’s Open Source. It’s free,” says a web page at

Slashdot reader kxra writes:
Penpot is a free-software, web-based vector design platform using .svg as a first-class filetype used as the underlying storage for all designs.

As more design teams around the world move to the convenience of mu … ⌘ Read more


196 Nations Agree to New Climate Change Deal At COP26 Summit
The BBC is hailing “the first ever climate deal to explicitly plan to reduce coal, the worst fossil fuel for greenhouse gases.” But they also report that developing nations “were unhappy about the lack of progress on what’s known as ‘loss and damage’, the idea that richer countries should compensate poorer ones for climate change effects they can’t ada … ⌘ Read more


US Rollout of 5G Frequencies Delayed Over Aviation Safety Concerns. Are They Warranted?
Because of a “surprising and sudden request” from America’s Federal Aviation Administration that’s “based on unverified potential radio interference, a highly anticipated increase in 5G speeds and availability just got put on hold,” writes the president/chief analyst of market research/consulting f … ⌘ Read more


Austria Expected to Impose Lockdown Only On the Unvaccinated
“Austria is expected to impose lockdown restrictions on millions of unvaccinated people in the coming days,” reports CNBC:

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a press conference Friday that his government wanted to give the “green light” to such measures by Sunday, Austria Press Agency reported. Lawmakers will meet over the weekend to discuss th … ⌘ Read more


Will Microsoft Beat Facebook to the Metaverse?
“When comparing Meta — formerly Facebook — and Microsoft’s approaches to the metaverse, it’s clear Microsoft has a much more grounded and realistic vision,” argues an analyst at data analytics/consultancy company GlobalData:

Meta is set to grab a large portion of the $51 billion revenues from VR that GlobalData expects will be generated by 2030. Facebook led the consumer … ⌘ Read more


Last Year’s Texas Power Outage Will Now Cost Natural Gas Customers $3.4 Billion
“Texans will be paying for the effects of last February’s cold snap for decades to come,” reports Ars Technica, “as the state’s oil and gas regulator approved a plan for natural gas utilities to recover $3.4 billion in debt they incurred during the storm.
“The regulator, the Railroad Commission, is allowing util … ⌘ Read more


Rockstar Pulls ‘Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition’ After Unintentionally Including Files
Shortly after Thursday’s release of Grand Theft Auto: The Definitive Edition, the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC went down, leaving most Rockstar titles unplayable, reports PC Gamer.

They also identified possible issues explaining why:
Firstly, the Trilogy has shipped with internal devel … ⌘ Read more


Vizio’s Profit On Ads, Subscriptions, and Data Is Double The Money It Makes Selling TVs
The TV maker released its latest earnings report on Tuesday and revealed that over the last three months, its Platform Plus segment that includes advertising and viewer data had a gross profit of $57.3 million. That’s more than twice the amount of profit it made selling devices like TVs, which was $25. … ⌘ Read more


Chemists Discover New Way To Harness Energy From Ammonia
fahrbot-bot shares a report from Phys.Org: A research team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has identified a new way to convert ammonia to nitrogen gas through a process that could be a step toward ammonia replacing carbon-based fuels. The discovery of this technique, which uses a metal catalyst and releases – rather than requires – energy, was repor … ⌘ Read more


Apple-1 Computer Fetches $400,000 At US Auction
The Apple-1, one of Apple’s first computers, fetched $400,000 at auction in the U.S. earlier this week. Slashdot reader schwit1 first shared the news with us. The BBC reports: The rare Hawaiian koa wood-cased Apple-1 – still functioning – is one of only 200 made and sold in kit form. The computer has only had two owners, a college professor and his student to whom he sold the m … ⌘ Read more


The Man Behind the ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO Videos Claim They’ve Been Here Since the 1950s
alaskana98 writes: In a recent GQ magazine interview with Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Department of Defense’s “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP),” he claims that the much publicized
“Tic-Tac” UAPs observed by the U.S. Navy have been flying in our skies for many decades: “I h … ⌘ Read more


London’s Thames, Once Biologically Dead, Has Been Coming Back To Life
An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: In 1858, sewage clogging London’s Thames River caused a “Great Stink.” A century later, parts of the famed waterway were declared biologically dead. But the latest report (PDF) on “The State of the Thames” is sounding a surprisingly optimistic note. The river today is “home to myriad wildlife … ⌘ Read more