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also: you are always only at best renting the eyeball hose. it’s slow as hell to build up an organic audience like an email list as opposed to YouTube recommendation algorithm audience, but when people were mad at substack, they could take their eyeballs (email list of subscribers) and leave.

one commonality I hear in story after story of people switching to alternative social media (the whole spectrum: tildes, Gemini, indieweb, fedi, etc.) is the shock and ensuing relief at the absence of the eyeball hose. you get used to engagement/interaction counts being in the single digits, and it’s kind of freeing

especially on a tumblr-like, where any kind of federation seems like it’d do a good job of letting things propagate across the network. I spent way more time there following individuals and reblogging content than looking at tag pages

I think there are a lot of problems with the current indie “run your own thing!” mandate but “you need someone to point the eyeball hose at your stuff, don’t you?” is an underpinning of the modern web that I’d challenge

cohost’s “there is value in being in the same place as everyone on a web without functioning search engines, blogs and friends-only sites may be okay for some, but they leave people who are scraping by on public visibility and word of mouth in the lurch.” doesn’t sit right with me and I’m trying to figure out why

Hutchinson testimony: honestly, thinking about it in a bigger context, “ketchup dripping down the wall” sounds about right for the decline of the American project

with a medium-full coverage foundation the wet beauty blender helps a TON for application – it looks like it’s much sheerer as you’re applying it but when your skin dries down it’s less different