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In-reply-to » To help combat spam -- Should we build an invite system? 🤔

@prologic@twtxt.net is it getting to an annoying level?

I would rather see a lot of other features before.

What are the advantages to an invite system compares to just close registration and add a contact form for applying for an account?

@prologic@twtxt.net I made a new PR (#998) that I hope will fix the issues you have pointed out:

  • Link Verification not working (due to missing modal from pico.css)
  • Lightbox not working (due to missing modal from pico.css)
  • In-reply-to now only show max 3 lines of the root post

But the “(…) pull request has changes conflicting with the target branch.”

In-reply-to » @ocdtrekkie To be honest I was actually joking. My wiki most definitely is half baked 😂 The thing is I've built very complex and elaborate wiki engines (wikis as we call them) back in the day, when PHP was still cool 😅 -- This time however I didn't really feel like building out a full-fledged wiki. Maybe I should? Would anyone use it? What would the minimum feature-set be? Would @darch be interesting in doing up a nice SimpleCSS theme? I dunno 🤷‍♂️ OTOH I actually find HedgeDoc to be "not a bad little personal wiki" of sorts. It's not really a wiki per se as I don't do any "document linking" or such (I could I guess). But I tend to write a lot of personal, company and project docs there now... So 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in seeing more of these tiny little self-hosted aps grow, please either a) contribute or b) sponsor my on Github so I can pay other people to do the work for me 😅 (my time is already overloaded)

@prologic@twtxt.net yeah im up for that, but make sure to metion my current profile at neotxt.dk, snot the old one at twtxt.dk😉

I have been hacking away on replacing the PicoCSS with Simple.css, since it offer a much manageable set of color variables that can ease the work of making your own team a whole lot.

I have gotten to a place now with some sane default colors, so you are welcome to take it for a spin from: https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial/yarn/src/branch/theme_simpleCSS

There are still some issues with the mobile menu and some side-effects of using headers in places it should not have been used in the first place.

Please let me know if this is something that you see worthy of being merged into main and what you like or dislike about it as it stands now.


@prologic@twtxt.net I’m trying to set up a new branch for replacing pico.css with simple.css but then i get this error when trying to build/make:

Checking Go version ...                 [ ERR ]
Go 1.16+ is required, found go1.19.1
FATAL: 🙁 preflight failed
make: *** [preflight] Error 1

@prologic@twtxt.net How would I go about adding a new element to the template-folder within a theme?
I want to make a topnav like i created on blog.neotxt.dk but would like to put it in a sepearet file topnav.html and not within /template/base.html or partials.html
Can I just add a {{ define "topbar" }} in topnav.html or do I need to do something special for yard to pick it up?