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In-reply-to > @prologic Yeah, I get that. If it's impractical, it's not a problem. I just hate when people see my nickname as one word, so being able to change it to either "the canine" or "TheCanine" would be cool and I think there are more people, who would also want the chance to capitalize some letters in their nicknames, so if we get capital letters working, there'll be less need for spaces. 🤔

the url for the .txt should be the username and then nick can be whatever

In-reply-to > Glossary - yarn - Mills

yes I agree we should define Yarn, but what we are building is not that special to the end users, who I images will just be confused about what twt, yarn, thooth etc. are. compare to using familiar words like post and tread. Tread also binds nicly with the yarn as a overall concept :)
For the technical layer, then yes, we should have a vocabulary that can be closer to the “metal”, but not in the UI

In-reply-to > I've updated my twtxt-to-html renderer, it now works with arbitrary feeds :D, see https://envs.net/~duriny/cgi-bin/twtxt.sh?file=https://envs.net/~duriny/twtxt.txt, you can replace the 'file=' parameter with your own twtxt.txt

Hey @~duriny yes I know about your scripts and I already bookedmarled e*7 and e*8

btw this is my twtxt.net profile for daily yarning, while the other on @sorenpeter is me trying to learn know to code PHP and regex into http://darch.dk/pixelblog

In-reply-to > @fastidious So... What's your flow of dealing with passwords and your "master password" then? Obviously you use a password manager, I do as well, I use pass -- The Standard Password Store 😅 -- But do you store the master password in macOS 's keychain once entered or enter it every time? 🤔

Keepass in Dropbox and OneDrive (work).


With the new “Hide replies” option has become a lot easier to read through the timeline, but I think the render of OP shoulde be more prominent, more like a headline. So maybe we can try to flip the visual hierarchy so to speak and loose the eclipse feature or expand it to 2 or 3 lines. I will try to make a mock up so you can see what I mean

In-reply-to > Hey @darch, that theme you were working on, copenhagen?, That might be now do-able in the custom CSS section for poderators now. Give it a whirl! 🤞

Hi @ullarah, sound cool. My CPH theme is pure CSS, not JS besides what’s already I yarn and I have not changed at of that. But I havde changed the html temples quite a bit…