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In-reply-to » @jim You're welcome! 🤗 We hope you stick around and invite/bring all your friends 😅

@ullarah@txt.quisquiliae.com thanks for your advice, DeepL is cool and really helpful~ look forward to your unembedded elegant method for translation

My current job is mostly about java, so just learn a little go and goi18n and start to modify the active.zh-CN.toml file, hope that’s the right file to modify🤣

In-reply-to » hi~ everyone on twtxt.

@tel@we.loveprivacy.club To be honest, it’s not so comfortable for me to talk about political things, but i try not to avoid it or pretend not seeing it. The world is complicated, many things need to be done to make my country better, twtxt is one of the answers, but hate is none of them.

hi~ everyone on twtxt.

Why i’m here?
almost all majority social medias(weibo wechat tiktok…) in mainland china start to show ip location of every posts and comments, i dislike that, so i decide to leave there and give twtxt a try~

Who introduce twtxt to me
i knew twtxt because of this blogjenny + mutt: Getting started with twtxt, so eager to follow him on twtxt, although not found him yet

it seems that chinese characters is illegal for a nickname, hope chinese nickname will be supported^_^