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In-reply-to » Alright, here we go, it’s been a year now. I have a camera sitting in one of the windows, it takes a shot every day. Here’s a timelapse video:

this is great. i thought 360 videos had died off. this was nice to watch.

In-reply-to » cohost!

then you won’t like co-ops as many of us use it to describe mission and core values.

noun A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature. A public declaration, as of a sovereign or government, or of any person or body of persons, making known certain intentions, or proclaiming certain opinions and motives in reference to some act or course of conduct done or contemplated; in general, a proclamation.

In-reply-to » Another one bites the dust

likely too much to sum in a twt. but the coop models i’ve seen really do well with:

  • everyone involved is a stakedholder
  • core co-op has membership fees/donations
  • consensus on technical design and implementation
  • apolitical
  • all operators drive the co-op’s agenda, not their own
  • diversity of operator skillsets (ie: infra, sec, code, pm, advocacy, writing, design)
  • monthly or weekend meetings with an agenda and notes taken (think non-profit board meetings)
  • good documentation both internal and external

this is a start. i’ve been working on this for a long time, just looking for folks to click up with. have a few in the eu ready to go but we’re more on the sec/infra/cryptography side. will have to fill in the blanks.

In-reply-to » Another one bites the dust then make it happen? a lot of work goes into these pre-baked self-hosting platforms. most of us just build our own methodology just like you did with swarm on mills-dc.

there’s always going to be very opinionated implementations that don’t work for everyone. in the end, have to do what works best for your use-case or have a co-op who can make decisions together

In-reply-to » @retrocrash So... About these other self-host(er) communities you speak of... Where do we find them, who do we talk to? 🤔

going to have to swallow a frog for a while. no one suggested you use the platforms like every other person begging for attention and hyper stimulation.

use them to boost your signal. most oss/foss projects use at least twitter for announcements.

how can anyone discover whatever it is you’re building this week without you talking about it on popular platforms?

this is why many brilliant projects and ideas die. nobody knows about them.

without some sort of effort to spread the word by the time people find it, it’s no longer relevant.

– a guy who did the same shit and lost 3500 iphones.