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In-reply-to » Bloody hell, my system update affected the libc, libc6, locales and golang-1.19 packages and after a reboot KMail is fucked. Uses 100% CPU and doesn't show any mail texts anymore. Starting it in a terminal then shows heaps of org.kde.pim.webengineviewer: WebEngine render process crashed being printed to stdout.

HTML emails were a mistake. One of the biggest ones ever.

In-reply-to » Probably my best attempt at “airplane in front of the moon”, yet. This is the usual route that all planes take (if the wind comes from east), so I could sit there, watch lots of them, and hope that one will fly close to the moon. 😅 I spent about half an hour. Still depends on luck a lot. According to, this might have been flight DLH779. If so, it was indeed an A340.

Probably my best attempt at “airplane in front of the moon”, yet.


There were lots and lots of planes coming from that direction, but none of them flew right in front of the moon like the last time. 🫤 Well, maybe some other day.

In-reply-to » Hahaha, great talk about the Worst Programming Language Ever! :-D Yeah, I get your point. 🤔 It has to be a magical date, though, to avoid ambiguities. “12:03” could mean “3rd of December” for some weird reason, or “12th of March”.

What I keep confusing is m vs. M, and s vs. S. Like, is that “month” or “minute”, “second” or “timestamp”? If it was YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss and T for a timestamp, it would be easier. But no, it’s Y-m-d H:M:S (according to strftime()), a mixture of upper case and lower case. (The easiest way to remember it is probably: “The time H:M:S is upper case, date y-m-d is lower case – and then they noticed Y2K, so Y got added.”)

In-reply-to » This is a weird request, but does anyone have something for me to encode with FFmpeg? The more complicated the project, the better. I am trying to improve my skills and I learn best with real-world use. Hm, I had a lot of fun with ffmpeg while doing the video of the workflow compilation:

Rescaling the individual videos, fading, adding the background (for smaller videos), adding labels, … Granted, there was quite a bit of ImageMagick, too.

That’s it, I give in. Officially a Lorna Shore fan now, like all the cool kids. // Lorna Shore - Sun Eater // #NowPlaying

You gotta admire the quality of today’s audio productions. Everything is crystal clear. That in itself is a pleasure to listen to. 👌 Audio engineering really has come a long way. 😍

(If you like this kind of thing, look up the official video of “Into The Earth”. It’s a short horror film. The imagery might be a bit disturbing, depending on what you’re used to, so I won’t link it.)