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In-reply-to » I'm weeding out my old school stuff. What a giant paper mess.

A few hours later I got rid of 27 cm double-sided printed or written DIN A4 paper and have a 10 cm stack of scratch paper for the rest of my life. To be continued.


In-reply-to » #215 - Newlines without Unicode - yarn - Mills -- We discussed the idea of changing the way we handle Newlines in Twts once upon a time, but nobody adopted it, we didn't amend the spec and really we just kept the existing spec as-is using the \2028 and simpler search/replace in place. Did we want to revisit this again in a potential Twtxt v2 spec rewrite, or are we happy with how this works? 🤔 cc @movq @lyse @tkanos (please add other client authors to this thread) #Twtxt #Spec #Multiline I share the same opinion.

In-reply-to » I noticed some unnecessary horizontal rules being rendered at the bottom of twts in the conversation view lately with yarnd's new design change. They can be seen at least when not being logged in. Not sure if it is the same experience with an active user session. I reckon there will be fork buttons then, so in that case they would be fine, indeed. Yes, I just meant to remove the line, when there are no naviation links. But it’s fine. Thank you, darch!