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In-reply-to > @darch Are you going to be doing any kind of live demo with your presentation? I'll be at my daughters school play at the same time unfortunately, but if you were do send a Yarn or two during your presentation, I will respond 😂 -- It would by really cool if you were to do so from another pod to demo the "decentralization" 👌

Yes I will make some live demo. 30 min talk/demo and then an hour for workshop

In-reply-to > Collapsable box is (was?) already a thing

I believe most, if not all, the twitter profiles have some UserDescription It would be nice to have that shown as well.

Alternativly twtxtfeeds could autofill # description = with a comment that this feed it taken from twitter and generated by twtxtfeeds / feeds.twtxt.net
Not sure if we can find a way to fit in both.

Also what about # source = twitter://delta_chat being a propper link to twitter: https://twitter.com/delta_chat ?


In-reply-to > how do you geniuses handle all your passwords? People like pword managers but I have like 4 different OSes i use every day and on top of that centralised pword management makes me nervous, upset, and crabby. what if I have to log in from some other system ???

I have been using keepass in various version for many years. Keep the database file in my Dropbox and there are clients for all OS

In-reply-to > Looks good to me. Except the strike-through icon looks like a dick...

Rolling back to an earlier version just breaks a lot of other icons. And I can’t find a way to replace it without some really ugly hacks (aka. a lot of work). So let’s just keep the “tophat” for now.