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In-reply-to » Went on a hike this evening and brought my camera along. The 26°C felt much nicer than yesterday's 33°C. I perfectly met a mate who also wanted to go for a quick walk, just like we planned it. The first half hour we went together and then I parted for the longer route to the local mountain. The sunset was absolutely brilliant, but the aftermath turned out to be very boring. As always, great photos!👌📷😀

In-reply-to » I just read that on average we get about 108 liters of rain per square meter in July. This year it has only been 6 liters so far. I truly hope that we get some heavy rain later this evening. But looking at the forecast I reckon it will only be a few drops, if at all. It's supposed to get less and less with each day and even hour I look at the weather report. :-( Terrible 35°C at the moment. Bwäh! Extreme heat, drought, fires - a hellish summer!