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In-reply-to » how are all of you doing these days? I'm all good, work, family time and the usual walks with our dog. :)

@stigatle@yarn.stigatle.no All good, my company is organizing a Christmas event to meet with everyone and Ill finally get to meet our newest remote coworkers which I work with since about 2 years ago but never met before.

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3 whole days in #Go I noticed my search history rolled back to:

  • Convert an int to bool in Go
  • Swap two variables in Go
  • How to write a dictionary in Go

Like a baby again. 不

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This Saturday I did 10 whole hours straight of emergency code review and bug fixing on a project for a third party client made in Django and VueJS.

Spaghetti code cant describe them I saw

Barely managed to make it at least work in all that time. Hope I dont see that codebase ever again.

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In-reply-to » Oh farrrrk me! 丹儭 React Apps, NodeJS c'mon! 丹儭 How does anyone do this shit?! 仁

@prologic@twtxt.net Im relying on vanilla JavaScript most of the time (even when using frameworks) to not have too much dependencies and lately I found that the type="module" works quite well for most of my needs so Im dropping almost everything, instead of nom and other i rely on skypack for the libraries.

If you need something bigger but still lighter try snowpack, it uses CDN until you build by optimizing the disk space too.

If anything look bleak try pnpm for a more standard experience of the tooling.

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In-reply-to » How to stop teams from opening the app from the browser ? - Microsoft Community <-- This is insane, Any MS Teams users around? How the hell do I disable this !@#$!23 互 automatic open in desktop app behaviour?! 丹儭

@carsten@yarn.zn80.net I tried duckduckgo on Android and was pleasantly surprised but its still somewhat immature as a daily driven browser for me, especially the tabs navigation, I even filed a feedback report about it from the settings in hope it gets better.

Sadly there no Linux version right now, once its out Ill definitely try it out.

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In-reply-to » How do people who write a lot of code keep track of stuff they plan to write but havent? Just curious. I usually write #TODO and then whatever. Often a placeholder function or something. Seems messy tho

@eaplmx@twtxt.net @will@twtxt.net I use some custom aliases to have this workflow:

  • nn: New Note create and link a notes.org file in my pwd from a common git synced repo
  • n: Search recursively a notes.org for pwd up to ~/ and open it.

For quick tasks I use a todo.txt and display the tasks for today with conky on my screen.

All file are in a single repo I can sync on my phone and use the apps orgzly and todo.txt to edit them on the go.

As of writing style I write down in org-mode as iterations of the current project with sub tasks tree for what I need to do.

I tend to use the # TODO: as a What you where doing yesterday. in my code.

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In-reply-to » How many forks deep is this Bitcoin conversation?

@prologic@twtxt.net damn, your reply got me an idea

What if you can use a thread as discussion externally?

I was actually searching for something similar around for myself for curiosity.

Think of it like a widget similar to Disqus.

You can embed a discussion on your site like a comment system.

It might even help spread the use of twtxt with people who dont know of it.

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Today I opened an old client site I managed out of curiosity and got welcomed into a mysterious email subscription form

Pretty sure nobody touched that site after me.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry I suddenly vanished.

I was still around but havent posted in quite a while, hope to get back on my feet and enjoy the community first hand once again.

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