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In-reply-to » Advent of Code 2022 started today.

Actually my house burnt to the ground, and my pc was inside, so my PC burnt.
The course was a standford course (in their old platform lagunita) by the famous Professor Jeffrey Ullman. But you can find the course (very interesting already read the book many times, before he burnt too :D) in edx :

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In-reply-to » i'll only say a couple of things here: I agree with you, we should be discussing ideas openly and transparently. Because it’s though discussion that we can get the reality. As says “people spreading things they believe to be right”, maybe we are ourselves spreading false claims, without knowing, we can only know by exchanging ideas, and being open. The biggest question is what is “misinformation”, I believe the answer change according your beliefs. Many times we have seen what was categorize as “official” misinformation, being actually real.

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In-reply-to » Finally twitter put it has top priority :

I’m unfortunately well aware of that shit. And believe me don’t get your kids to use internet or social media before 18.

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I don’t know why people use #mastodon for. I though it can be a good replacement for twitter, but I m trying to find what is happening in Brazil, and apparently according to mastodon there is nothing happening in #Brazil. Seriously ?

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In-reply-to » @abucci @ocdtrekkie Let alone how many problems wouldn't exist if we did not have computers!? :-D I have a related question, knowing that the steam engine was invented by the Greek Hero (or Heron) of Alexandria around 10 CE, But they did not use because they had slave. What would it be if they had use it to do what we called the industrial revolution, How will we be leaving today ?

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Something I like in Mastodon is they have 2 discover view :

  • local (only the pod communication)
  • federated (everything like our Discover)

It’s good when you are in a community, example in mastodon I am in fosstodon, and sometimes I only want to see what the community is talking about.

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In-reply-to » @prologic If I was to run a pod, and I'd like to spin one up at some point, the abuse policy of (or any other pod) would be completely irrelevant. My users would be bound by the abuse policy of my pod, whether or my abuse policy matches yours. yep I completely agree with you. And when I won’t agree anymore I will have your twts deleted :D (the last part is a joke of course)

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I did a jump on twitter this morning just to see. And ss always I find it is a very hatred place. Full of people that love to hate, and spread their hate, and self declared prophet that knows what the future will be. If you believe them all Trump will be back on twitter to start a Nazi regime, and Elon drinks baby blood. Why does people love to spread their hate so much ?

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In-reply-to » @prologic has you seems interrested, Elon said what he plans for twitter : but it's not very IT exiting. I don’t know, I don’t really care actually, I was just looking because you ask somethings about.
But I think it’s just political talk, that only means for those who wants to believe. I am more practical, I wait for concrete actions before to judge. There is a proverb saying like : “words are wind, just actions count.” (or something like that)

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Through the years I tried many different search engine. And unfortunately except google no one has ever been as accurate. I’m trying again duckduckgo and I have not been disappointed so far.

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I like twtxt format very much, for being decentralized and everybody can hold their own data. But I see 3 negative points.

  1. not everybody can host their file
  2. discoverability is hard
  3. lack of encryption

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In-reply-to » lol apparently I’ve been suspended from Reddit due to some violation of content policy. However, they haven’t actually told me what content policy that I have violated. How to get unsuspended? Prove that you haven’t violated the content security policy. This is the most asinine thing that I’ve ever seen.

I ll be interested too, I mostly use hacker news and lobsters.
Do you really find useful things on Reddit ? I only see there memes and catch time things but nothing really interesting. Or maybe I don’t know how to use Reddit.

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In-reply-to » Hello @prologic, I saw a little bug on the /post api. I can force the hash (sending "(#hash) text" ) that is good to choose my hash and to reply and I end up having in my twtxt file :

got it. Yarn social not finding the hash of the conv on its cache, thinks that it’s a subject instead. Which is logical because hash is in the subject. Ok so only now I fully understand the specs :

Twt hashes make twts identifiable, so replies can be created to build up conversations. The twt’s hash is used in the Twt Subject of the reply twt to indicate to which original twt it refers to. The twt hash is similar to the Message-ID header of an e-mail which the response e-mail would reference in its In-Reply-To header.

You gotta admit that some example would have been helpful :D

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Hello, I saw a little bug on the /post api. I can force the hash (sending “(#hash) text” ) that is good to choose my hash and to reply and I end up having in my twtxt file :

2022-10-01T05:49:32Z	(#f6yb3ma) second tentative (posted from twx through yarnsocial posthook plugin)
2022-10-01T05:53:15Z	(#f6yb3ma) Some adjustement needed but it works well (posted from twx through yarnsocial posthook plugin)
2022-10-01T05:56:46Z	(#f6yb3ma) I can go to bed happy, good night everybody

But yarn social doesn’t add it to his /conv database so I don’t see it as a reply nor as a Thread like :

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