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In-reply-to » Haha! I just wrote this reply using the firenvim extension :D I wish an integration like this was a standard feature.

I used a plugin like this for a long time in the past, but eventually gave up on it. I have to use too many websites that insist on implementing their own editor widget. Google Docs, Confluence, stuff like that. 😞

It’s been rainy and grim these last few days. This is so relaxing. 😍 Could be warmer, yes, but I’m slowly getting used to not heating the apartment a lot (because of energy prices here in the EU). I can’t fetch your feed anymore. 🤔 DNS doesn’t resolve. This is what I see in my bind log:

DNS format error from resolving for empty question section

Trying a dig +trace … ends with:

couldn't get address for '': failure