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In-reply-to » I've locked myself out of my digital life - Terence Eden's Blog

How do you guys deal with this?

I have two USB HDDs, both 4 TB in size, so they can hold (most of) my data. They’re LUKS encrypted. One is located at a family member, the other one is with me at home. Every now and then, I copy everything to the disk at home and then drive over to family and swap the disks.

The obvious downside is that the backups aren’t really recent. They’re maybe a month old, or older. I hope that that’s still recent enough to regain access to most stuff.

(Also, I stuck a little note on paper to a mirror near my door. It lists the things that I should take with me in case of a fire. There’s a bag nearby where I can put this stuff into.)

In-reply-to » Good hint: > Don’t write fragile programs. The core logic for this example is relatively short. Of the 22 lines inside the for loop, 6 of them implement the actual algorithm and the other 16 are error checking and data validation. You might be tempted to not validate incoming data or check errors, but doing so produces unstable, unmaintainable code. Error handling is what separates the professionals from the amateurs. What’s the source of that quote? Or rather, what’s the code in question? (Not that I disagree, just curious.)

In-reply-to » We assembled one of those yesterday: Way more exhausting than I thought. 🤣 I’m so sore …

The ladies don’t live at my place, unfortunately. 😅 So no fresh eggs for me. (Not a problem, actually, I’m not a big fan of eggs anyway.)