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Not sure if Starlink satellites are in orbit around/over Australia yet, but I wouldn’t go with that option anyway due to the latency alone.

I believe it is being trialled in some places in Aus already. I will admit, I’ve been signed up for the beta for a while and it’s supposed to be coming to my area sometime in 2022, though that may be delayed due to the chip shortage stuff.

I think the latency is supposed to be 45-60ms on average, which while not as good as fixed line obviously, is leagues better than old fashioned high orbit satellite broadband which is about 600~ms.

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@prologic In terms of pure outages on the ISP side I think so, yeah. Granted I don’t run an entire home infra like you do and I don’t monitor it as heavily, but it’s a pretty reliable connection day and night. Being wireless and on a mountain where the ISP doesn’t even recognise proper coverage (for standard pocket devices, my Yagi antennas no doubt helps with the coverage) there can be instances of momentary packet loss I think, but that’s about it.

In-reply-to > @prologic this seems to be missing "like" functionality, which maybe you never intended to implement.

I don’t miss the lack of ‘likes’ etc so much once I took a bit of a sabbatical from typical social media. I think there’s an element of ’re-training’ needed for some of us, as those platforms have got many of us so used to a particular way of doing things and hooked on the dopamine effects.

The older style forums back in the day seemed to do okay, without reactions (before they too eventually incorporated them).