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In-reply-to » @jlj, are you running all of your services on a Raspberry Pi, or just only a Yarn pod? I ask because I see the list of them growing, and growing, and makes me wonder what kind of magical apparatus this Pi is. On that topic, could you twt about that Pi setup? What storage do you have attached to it, and—if any—what mods do you have, etc.? I am very curious! Ha, no, I’ve got Wireguard, vaultwarden and running on the 3A+, with just an SD card. I have Pleroma running on my 3B+, with a 1 TB external HDD. I run PostgreSQL there, and, now, all my databases have been migrated there (incl., for example, the one Etherpad is using), save for Matrix: my Synapse server and PostgreSQL running alongside each other on that Asus 1000HE (2008). All my other servers are in Docker containers now, on my mother-in-law’s old desktop: a 2005 Dell; the HDD failed on it last year, when I went down for a good week and a half, but other than replacing that, it’s still doin’ its thing. And now everything is backed up to my new Synology DS220+, with personal media further backed up to Backblaze.