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In-reply-to » Are We Getting Closer to the Year of the Linux Desktop? Earlier this year TechRepublic argued that while 2021 wasn't the year of the Linux desktop, "there was no denying the continued dominance of Linux in the enterprise space and the very slow (and subtle) growth of Linux on the desktop. And in just about every space (minus the smartphone arena), Linux made some serious gains."

@movq I didn’t actually think that was a driver behind either (no pun intended). I like both projects for their locked down deployments, by default. When they’re done well, the docs even suggest post-install connections that you might want to use and why. Mobile has been successful with that sort of model for some time, and I’m quite happy to have a bit of bloat to get it with my desktop. (Read something recently about the duplication Flatpak introduces.) Storage is cheap!