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In-reply-to » Boston, I'm breaking up with you. #covid19

Boston’s COVID cases have super skyrocketed. What else can be done, so people who aren’t get vaccinated? Rather than shunning the action to be taken, what solution do we propose? The idea is to get those unvaccinated to do it, or to keep them away from infecting others. Vaccinated people are imposed a little “discomfort” by being asked to provide proof to get into certain places, so what?

I don’t go out to eat as I used to, to begin with, since COVID. It is not safe, it is not prudent. I order take away. Yet, I don’t see this as a huge issue. To drive one needs a driver’s license. Saying “I have one” doesn’t really cover it. People are dying because of COVID, the economy is being affected, and we worry about showing a piece of paper?