In-reply-to » The problem isn't with NodeJS or NPM, it's the developers that are so willing to use horrible frameworks/libraries/tooling that is just simply not needed. NodeJS gives you so much out of the box, and NPM is simply a place to store your packages. With Deno, you won't even need a package manager as it takes a step closer to go modules approach.

Your primary arguments is basisally β€œframeworks” and I completely agree! πŸ’― I like Go a lot because the culture and ecosystem tends to encourage libraries over frameworks and standard library over external dependencies πŸ‘Œ

One thing we’ve talked about in the past is this ridiculous culture in the NPM (note I’m deliberately not mentioning JavaScript or NodeJS here) of packaging the tiniest / stupidest things as a β€œlibrary”

This is how (I think) you end up with 10k dependencies 🀣

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