In-reply-to » @support thank you and I'll be watching out. I've already sent you an email and as soon as I receive your message, I'll try again. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, since this is the second server I've been on, with the same result. The same, whole password, email, mix up happened, after I registered and logged into and once I logged out, I couldn't log back in. If indeed, you provide me a fix, I'll settle up with that server as well. Once more, thanks for your help and I'm sure we'll find the solution.

Curiously, enough, I followed the instructions, to roll my own pod, and it was successful. However, yarnd is giving me errors, that say: ERRO[0000] error validating config error=“error: cookie secret is not configured”
FATA[0000] error creating server error=“error validating config: error: cookie secret is not configured” I’m not bewildered, though, since I think that I need to give yarnd some commands, guided by the –help option and I’ll have to visit the API for some keys or some such to make it function as intended. Yarnc on the other hand, is working like a charm. Once I get some sleep I’ll tackle the self hosting server thingy, and sort it out.

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