In-reply-to » @support thank you and I'll be watching out. I've already sent you an email and as soon as I receive your message, I'll try again. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, since this is the second server I've been on, with the same result. The same, whole password, email, mix up happened, after I registered and logged into and once I logged out, I couldn't log back in. If indeed, you provide me a fix, I'll settle up with that server as well. Once more, thanks for your help and I'm sure we'll find the solution. I’ll go check out the code later on. However, I think I could have averted the issue, if I had went to settings and confirmed the email and passwords to begin with. I’m not totally sure since I haven’t taken a dive into the code yet, but as soon as I’m rested, I’ll take a look. Since we’re on the topic, though, perhaps you could resolve the issue with my inability to login by either, a, deleting my account, if possible, or I can email you and perhaps, you’d be so kind to send me a password and I could get some closure. Thank you.

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