In-reply-to > I’ve been using a combination of “one password for everything” (bad i know) and a sh script to make strong passwords for stuff that matters but I’ll probabaly switch to pass. The problem is we passed the point years ago where passwords that are secure (?) and meet the insane special character requirements are passwords I feel like typing out or even remembering. Kind of like I used to memorise my friends’ phone numbers as a kid but no more… that reminds me, I was recently able to log into my employer retirement account with just my birthdate and VOIP number 😂 💀

@will These days the best thing you can do to ensure your various myriad of accounts is secure it to use a password manager with a unique password per account, so yes you never actually know nor care to know what any of the password are. Secure your password manager itself with a strong master password that you do have to remember (obviously) and use multi-factor auth whereever possible for added security. I’m not convinced you can get much better than this.