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In-reply-to » System notice: pod going down for upgrade now :)

Wow, that was nasty. Even had some 502 Bad gateway messages, so I thought that yarn wasn’t being published. I’ve backed out the activitypub feature for now.

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In-reply-to » Ladies and gentlemen, it is with sincere pleasure that I inform you of my recent application for British citizenship having been approved.

Thanks, @adi@twtxt.net! In theory, it should’ve taken five years. In reality, it took me twice that time because I kept resetting that ‘clock’ by changing visas. Wasn’t cheap either, let me tell you! :P

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Another ActivityPub service up: BookWyrm @ nfld; let me know if you want an invitation. :) NB: I’m just getting familiar with the software, so I can’t claim it’s configured correctly or well at this stage. ;)

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