In-reply-to > @prologic So what do you recommend regarding migration of data from one pod to another?

@prologic Moved Permanently is HTTP 301. Maybe go for the newer and clearer HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect. If I recall correctly the older status codes have the confusion whether to switch the HTTP verb or not, the new ones clarify that. Although in this case that should not be any problem since we’re just GETting anyways. Other than that, your proposal sounds quite nice! The question is, how could one even delete this forward once not needed any more? This migration should obviously also work when not moving to yarnd but some different system (e.g. just an Nginx). So not sure how that would work then with this proposal.

In-reply-to > managing SSL certificates are a PITA 🤣

I think we can if we just use a “wildcard cert”. I honestly don’t understand what the benefit of using Vault is in this case, where we can just use a single wildcard cert and just shove that in a Traefik ingress load balancer and be done with it.


(#2lpzvhq) Think of it like buying a signed print of a photo, instead of the photo itself, but the “signature” is an entry in a database and that’s all you get. Still dumb.


epistemic status: taking semi-jokes seriously) “irrationalism” would be a much much better name than “rationalism”: it sounds more humble (and this is important to the outside world, name not yet taken, and it carries in it a very central point of bayrat thinking (namely, that humans are extremely irrational). Other idea: “adrationalism”: “towards rationality”


@jlj “A good read: Why I find longtermism hard – […]” -> Interesting! I don’t particularly share that emotional intuition (although my bias probably cuts the other way: I am more moved by interesting projects, and more interesting problems probably also less neglected)–I generally find most problems other people find salient not very moving at all (although probably equally strongly moved by extremely near suffering compared to other people, but with a stronger emotional distance discount). EA makes sense in a very different way to me (phenomenologically, probably closest to philosophical high valence states it evokes).

In-reply-to > Critiques please :) and

@thewismit Yes, this rule applies to every <h2>. It was just meant to illustrate the point of separation between semantic and presentation. The square brackets in the nav could be also seen as visual things only and thus generated using CSS rules. Back to the <h2>: You could use section > h2 as selector, if you just use the <section> container in the overview. Now that you say, that this is meant be be a list item, I reckon you’re better off using <ul> and <li> instead.

In-reply-to > damn this might be unfortunate:

@darch Nah, that’s okay 😀 Competition in any space is a “good” thing! 👍 micro.sub btw is the “subscription” protocol to – I have some issues with / micro.sub though, namely that it is a little more complicated to implement against and use (just look at any code that uses these protocols, not as bad as ActivityPub though) and it supports a “bit too much” IHMO. Simplicity has always been one of our goals, in that you can join and participate in (well let’s start using the new name) by simply hosting a couple of files

In-reply-to > I accidentally typed ss rather than ls and look what's coming up – another utility to investigate sockets! Nice, I didn't know about it.

@lyse ss is certainly better when it comes to IPv6, because it doesn’t truncate those long addresses (like netstat did). It can also do filtering, see sport in its manpage. Other than that, it’s mostly the same, I’d say. The switch from ifconfig to ip is much more important IMHO, more powerful, cleaner interface — but I have to admit, I mostly forgot how to use the old tools because I’ve been using iproute2 stuff almost exclusively since ~2012.


💁‍♂️ If you’re ever on a UNIX machine of some kind without any useful networking utilities like ip or ifconfig, fear now! You can view the network topology of the Kernel by just doing:

In-reply-to > Hi all Berlin Coders and the world

The next big thing I want to get done in the short-term (which @deadguy is working on) is to really bring a great “Feeds” experience to users of pods which you can see over at /feeds (its a bit of a mess right now). This pulls in “Feed Sources” from places like Eventually I’d love it if we could also build a more elaborate feed service that has basic support for filtering and selection where users can create custom Twtxt feeds of various News sites, Websites and pretty much anything…

In-reply-to > How have I only just discovered twtxt?

@gr0k @prologic , Hi @eldersnake , I made a very simple php-tool to post to a twtxt.txt on your own site called #phpub2twtxt (github). And @hxii also made Picoblog, which is a way to show your twtxt.txt on your in a nice way on your own site. He is also working on selfhosted UI to see and reply to your posts on your timelime, but I don’t think that it published yet.
You can take a look at my setup of #picoblog at and @hxii ’s at

In-reply-to > Tinkering with

@jlj @jack It’s a bug. I will fix it soon, the way we handle the internal .Following and .Followers attributes of users on a Pod was/is “ass backwards”, it needs to be a map of url -> nick. Time/Energy 😀

In-reply-to > Hey @jack 👋 I like reading f your blog posts at 👌 Do you feel like cross posting links to them at least on your pod? 🤔 😁

One thing to keep in mind is that as a user of any pod there is no personal information stored whatsoever. We don’t even store to use this email address only a hash of it. so the utility of direct messages becomes important for cases like when the pod owner Hass to reach out to them because perhaps maybe they’re violating the abuse policy and need a gentle reminder before being booted from that pod…