In-reply-to » @prologic So what do you recommend regarding migration of data from one pod to another? Moved Permanently is HTTP 301. Maybe go for the newer and clearer HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect. If I recall correctly the older status codes have the confusion whether to switch the HTTP verb or not, the new ones clarify that. Although in this case that should not be any problem since we’re just GETting anyways. Other than that, your proposal sounds quite nice! The question is, how could one even delete this forward once not needed any more? This migration should obviously also work when not moving to yarnd but some different system (e.g. just an Nginx). So not sure how that would work then with this proposal.

In-reply-to » managing SSL certificates are a PITA 🤣

I think we can if we just use a “wildcard cert”. I honestly don’t understand what the benefit of using Vault is in this case, where we can just use a single wildcard cert and just shove that in a Traefik ingress load balancer and be done with it.

Think of it like buying a signed print of a photo, instead of the photo itself, but the “signature” is an entry in a database and that’s all you get. Still dumb.